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Islamic Perception Towards MLM(Multi Level Marketing)Business:

Are you a member of MLM company or thinking to join MLM company? As a Muslim you have the responsibility to know whether it is haram or halal in the eye of Islamic Law. To know about Islamic perception towards MLM business download and read this book.

Collected by: Md. Tajul Islam 
Edited by: Dr. Manjur Ilahi
Written in: Bengali

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English Grammar in Use(3rd edition):  

This book will help you to learn English more practically and efficiently. The writer, Raymond Murphy has tried to design the book in easy way. He has put a test unit which will help you to find out your weak points as well as use this book more effectively. At the end of this book the writer has added a long practice unit which will help you in making your English more perfect. To learn more about this book you got to read the preface thoughts at beginning of this book.



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