13 March 2012

How to Shutdown & Open a PC Automatically

Sometimes while downloading we leave our PC or wait until the downloading is not completed. More often at night we fall asleep during download time. So the computer might open whole night. For this reason our PC’s hardware can be harmed on the other hand we waste electricity. Now will it be better if your PC shutdowns automatically? Let’s see how…

1. First go to start>run- click & type cmd or start>all programs>accessories then click on command promt 

2.Now type  shutdown -f -s -t 3600. Press enter
-s =Shuts down the local computer
-f =Forces running applications to close.
-t xx = Sets the timer for system shutdown in xx seconds. The default is 20 seconds.
That means after 3600 seconds your PC will shutdown automatically. Here you can set your own time. See your required time for downloading add some additional time and put there as much time you need. After that time your PC will shutdown automatically.
Here is some parameter of this coding ..
-l : Logs off the current user, this is also the defualt. -m ComputerName takes precedence.
-s : Shuts down the local computer.
-r : Reboots after shutdown.
-a : Aborts shutdown. Ignores other parameters, except -l and ComputerName. You can only use -a during the time-out period.
-f : Forces running applications to close.
-m [\\ComputerName] : Specifies the computer that you want to shut down.
-c “message“ : Specifies a message to be displayed in the Message area of the System Shutdown window. You can use a maximum of 127 characters. You must enclose the message in quotation marks.

To open your PC automatically you just have to press Dele while opening. Now you will see power management setup window. Enable Power on / Resume by alarm and press save button. Your PC will open automatically at the set time.

If you use Internet Download Manager you can resume the uncompleted download and turnoff your PC automatically by following these steps.
. 1.Go to schedule option of IDM and set your requisite time.Your download will start at that time automatically 
  2.Enable turn off when done option. Your PC will shut down after accomplishing download.


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