17 March 2012

How to Block a Website without Using any Software

Sometimes you want to prevent kids from visiting adult content websites. You need software or ad-ons for this.But the question is which software or ad-ons you would install. Don't worry you can stop visiting certain website/websites from your PC by following these steps.......

1. Go to the run option & type-"C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts"

 2. Press OK, Then you will see a dialogue box, From there choose notepad option.

3.  It will open your windows hosts file, Now type -" " on the left side and the address of certain website or websites on the right side like "www.dolancer.com"

4. Save the file

5. Then make sure that you have blocked that site.

6. You can see the following message if you do this successfully.



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